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 Camlann can provide a wondrous historical setting

 for your medieval wedding feast.



With this ring . . .

   Weddings at Camlann are available in connection with a private banquet.  Our feast hall seats up to 42 guests.  Feast prices include: sales tax, gratuity, food & drink, minstrels, fanfares, banners, furnishings, hall rental, and optional information about wedding customs.  Photo opportunities are provided before and after the meal.

Optional extras, when available, may include additional sites for a ceremony or reception, added entertainment, clothing rentals, flowers, favors, or calligraphed invitations.

Feast Menus for Private Banquets include: 

Knight's Delite    $50.00 per guest

Kinges Choice     $60.00 per guest

Custom Menu     $65.00 per guest

Optional Locations

 Dining Room (receptions)     $500.00

Seating & floor space for up to 45 guests

Tourney Field (ceremony area)    $200.00

Open area for up to 100 guests

 Village Square (ceremony area)    $200.00

Open area & market cover for up to 45 guests (before 5 p.m.)

Optional Entertainment may include:

Outdoor Dancing (tourney area)     $150

(Music provided by The Goliards or other minstrels)

Outdoor Games (tourney area)     $50

Jou de boule, Quoits - leader provided

 Mynstrels:    $150 - $200:

Paynes Natural Magykes, jongleur  

Other groups as available


Adult outfit & accessories     $25

Child's outfit     $10