Camlann is now hiring:


Assistant Director Position opens after: Jan 1st, 2022

Camlann Medieval Association is seeking a career minded, flexible, motivated staff person to work with our Executive Director in managing our living history museum programs. 

Compensation:  $50,400/yr ($2,400/mo. salary, & an 840 SF apartment valued at $1,800/mo.). 

This position will require 40-50 hrs per week (Wed - Sun) including some weekend evenings.

Position Requirements:  Our ideal candidate has:

    2 or more years experience or equivalent in historical interpretation and program development

    A strong interest in medieval culture based upon relevant formal or informal education.

    First person interpretive skills that will be needed to portray a 14th century person’s life experiences

    Excellent interpersonal skills to facilitate interactions with participants and visitors

    An appetite for learning , and the ability to undertake physical as well as creative jobs

 Duties (based on your experience) will include some combination of the following:

 Office management, program planning & coordination, publicity

 Payroll, budget development, fundraising, grant writing

 Research, writing, seminar and workshop presentations

 Bors Hede (fesat) duties will include occasional food prep, cooking or serving.

 Site Manager. Part-time $25/hr.

Year-round - Opens after January 1st 2022

Duties will include construction, timber-framing, land maintenance, interpreting.

 Call Roger Shell: (425) 788-1945 or send an introductory letter / resume


Last modified December 9, 2021