December 4,5,11,12,18,19,24,25,26 2021 & Jan 2 2022

All banquets begin at 6:00 pm in the Bors Hede Undercroft

Books /Gift Shop  & Clothing rentals open at 5:30 p.m.

No phones or cameras, please.


the Bors Hede at Yuletide

Camlann's most popular banquet offering of the year:

  Join us in sharing the warmth and splendor of a 14th century Christmasse, with First Foot crossing the Christmas Threshold; presenting the salte; slicing trenchers, toasting to "Wassail!" and "Drinke Hail"; and lighting the Yule Candle.  Click here for a Yuletide in 1376

traditional yuletide trophy

    Trumpets announce a procession of servers bearing the magnificent bors hede and platters laden with wondrous victuals.  In all, the three hour feast will include 12 dishes served in three courses, as gaily clad minstrels entertain with medieval Yuletide carols and story songs accompanied by the lute, percussion, and bells.


   We have scheduled eleven dinners for the 2020 season.  Tickets (not refundable) are $60.00 for all seats.  Reservations are available by returning to Camlann our reservation request coupon with your check or money order (sorry no credit cards).   Your tickets will strightway be returned to you by mail.  Not recommended for children under ten: (2+ hour meal / live entertainment) 


Yuletide feasters

   Seating is limited to 24 guests per night. Reservations are  taken by order of postmark.  Medieval clothing is encouraged, but not required.  You may arrive early to rent attire at our Clothier Shoppe.  This and our  Scribe's Shop (with unique  holiday gifts) will open from 5:15 to 6 pm.


Yule Menu

.Cours  i

WASSAIL (Ypocras, a spiced wine for toasting)

TRENCHER BREAD (thy �plate�)


FENBERRY PYE (meat & fenberries)

ROSTE PORK - BOURBLIER DE SANGLIER (pork roast in wild boar sauce)

AMIDON TRIED  (Almond Pudding)

TABLE WINE - MUSTE (spiced juice)

.Cours  ii

MINCES   (steamed greens)

EGREDOUCE  (sour & sweet beef and onions)

ROSTE FYSSH - CRUSTADE OF EERBIS (salmon stuffed with greens & herbs)



Cours  iii

SALAT (fresh herbs and greens)

GEES Y-FARCED IN SAUCE MADAM (fruit-stuffed roast goose)

CRUSTADE LOMBARD  (Italian custard)


WHOLE SPICES  (to refresh the palate)