March 9th 2024 - 6-8 PM

Seafood !  Vegetables !  Sweet dishes !

A perfect repast without meat or dairy products.


Tickets, not refundable, are $60.00 per guest for all seats.

Advance Reservations only.  

Seating is limited to 40 guests.

   No cameras / cell phones, please.  


Roste Salmon y-baked
   Lent, in medieval Europe, was observed as a period of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter, beginning on Ash Wednesday and lasting 40 days (excluding Sundays) until Easter, during which meat and dairy products were not to be eaten.  One meal, in penance, was to be eaten late in the afternoon (early evening).  Many, especially those who did not live near the sea, or did not own private fish ponds, grew tired of the  standard diet of dried salt herring.

  The fourth Sunday in Lent, known as Mid-Lent Sunday, was sometimes treated as a feast to brighten lagging spirits.  Skillful cooks found ways to follow the fasting rule without denying pleasure to the palate.  Thus yeast dough was substituted for pastry with egg binders, almond milk for meat stock in stews; food was fried in oil instead of fat, and fish, of course, was substituted for flesh and fowl.  Thus, fine meat dishes were transformed into delicious Lenten equivalents.  In this spirit we have created for your enjoyment a ten-dish meal, with seafood, vegetables and sweets, presented in our usual Banquet format.  Minstrels entertain with live music from medieval Europe.

Le Menu


Cours  i

 TRENCHER BREAD  (to eat upon)



EGERDUSE   (sweet & sour fish)

FYSSH IN GALYNTYNE  (a sauce with galingale)

FYGEY   (fig & almond pudding)

TABLE WINE - MUSTE   (spiced juice)


Cours ii

AQUAPATYS   (boiled garlic)

CABOCHES IN POTAGE   (cabbage & leek pottage)

TART DE BRYMLENT   (cod & fruit pie)

COUDRE EN TENS DE NOIS   (roast salmon in hazelnut sauce)

PYNADE   (pears & pine nuts)

MEDE   (honey wine) - MUSTE