Year-round, FRIDAY - SUNDAY  seating between 5:00 & 6:30 pm

Dinner Reservations required 24 hours before,  call:  425-788-8624

Caution for infants & small children: (1+ hrs - live entertainment)

Payment by   Cash or Check

No cameras, cell phones, please.

Village & Festival weekend lunch: May through September, Noon to 3 PM 

  One of the most gratifying ways to learn about the middle ages is to sit down to a meal prepared from recipes enjoyed by the noble classes.  Camlann's restaurant is designed as a 14th century village inne where you may relax in a country setting, enjoy the genuine warmth of your attentive server, savor the hearty food, and give yourself over to the music and stories of the minstrels.  Welcome, traveler, to the Bors Hede Inne, the Northwest's most unique dining experience, where you may enjoy our medieval dinner-theatre presentation.

Bors Hede

Sample Menu

FENBERRY PYE   (pork, chicken & cranberries)

BOURBELIER de SANGLE (roast pork in a savory sauce)

SANC DRAGON  (chicken in cinnamon & almond sauce )

COUDRE IN TEMP DE NOIR  (roast salmon in hazelnut sauce)

BLAMANGER  (Vegetarian: rice, favas, sugar & spices)

   Sumptuous platters of fresh food, prepared from authentic 14th century recipes, are brought before you.  Sight, smell, taste, and touch are brought into play as your fingers, spoon, and borde knyfe dip into uniquely sauced entrees, served on platters, to be eaten from your bread trencher (plate).  Fine wine, mead, ale or juice is served in earthen pitchers for your drinking mazer (coffee, tea and soda pop are unknown in these times).

    Built and opened in 1993, the Bors Hede provides unique, educational food and entertainment year-round in the dining room, while banquets are held in the vaulted undercroft.

Bors Hede dining room

Sample Menus


    Opening the heavy wrought-iron-hinged door, you are welcomed by the hosteler (innkeeper) into the softly-lit medieval dining hall where, in winter, the great fireplace, lined with drying wood, warms the timbered room.

  At your borde (table) the server brings linens and scented water to wash hands before eating, and describes what food the cook has on the fire for the evening meal, answering your questions as is due the noble traveler (The inne was built in the reign of King Edwards father...the ale is brewed by our village ale wife...).  For your pleasure, all the evening, are wondrous minstrel songs and stories, accompanied on the lute.


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