Concerts all day long at our festivals!

Songs and stories at our Bors Hede dinners.


Performers at Camlann  are skilled professional entertainers, presenting music and stories from medieval sources, using instruments and equipment of the types available before 1400, including the Lute, harp, symphonie, recorder, vielle, pipe & tabor, and many others. You too may participate by joining hands with the village dancers.


Roger Shell performs original arrangements of courtly and popular songs from the middle ages, accompanied by lute, harp, recorder, tabor, bell and tambor.  Roger is a composer and lyricist with a degree in music composition, and teaches classes at Camlann about medieval music, minstrels, and early notation.

Shula Kleinerman


Shulamit Kleinerman  present songs sung by a children's choir and instrumental music from the 12th to 14th centuries,  performed with 2 vielles and assorted percussion.   Shula is a professional musician and  has appeared in many historical settings.


Janet Naylor, of Eugene Oregon, resurrects traditional techniques on the wire strung harp, with songs from Gaelic and medieval traditions.  She has won national awards for arranging in the Scottish tradition, and teaches harp privately and in workshops.



Wondrous feats of natural magics quicker than the eye can see:

  Our most popular jongleur for 39 years.