Saturday - OCTOBER 26th, 2024 - - 6 pm

.Tickets, not refundable, are $60.00 per guest for all seats.

Advance Reservations only.   Seating is limited to 40 guests.

Reservations taken in order of postmark; tickets returned by mail.

No cameras / cell phones, please.  



Come in costume, please, to this hauntingly unique celebration,

  especially designed for the adventurous gourmet.


Not recommended for small children  (2 hours with live entertainment)

    This medieval-costumes-only banquet features 10 most unusual and interesting (but delicious) recipes to challenge the adventurous appetite . . . not for the squeamish!  Come dressed as your favorite medieval character and enjoy two hauntingly delightful courses with music and stories.  


Le Menu

 Cours  i

 TRENCHER BREAD  (your plate)


  (mushrooms, "the ruination of men," in gaudy green sauce)

FRITATEM DE POMERANCIIS  (orange omlette for ruffians & harlots)

TESTE DE TURT (Saracen Head pye)

BRAWN EN PEUERADE  ('pork flessh' in pepper sauce) (meatless option available)

REDE ROSE (rose petal pudding)



Cours  ii


YRCHEONS  (sausage hedgehogs)

BUTTERED WORTS (greens & herbs sauted in butter)

LONGE DE BUF  (roast tongue endored)

SANC DRAGON (roast capon in dragon's blood sauce)

CREME BASTARDE (cream custard with berries)