Saturdays and Sundays, Noon to 5  (except for festivals)

May through September

Admission:  $10 adults;   $5.00 juniors & seniors

Cash or Check, please


As a continuing step towards our goal of providing an in-depth living history experience, Camlann events are peopled with portrayals of medieval villagers and everyday village activities on village days and during our Festivals.


Unlike our festivals, the village life days are low key: usually with between 6 and 12 volunteer interpreters.  Your visit is designed to promote personal conversations with 14th century individuals, in order to understand how our ancestors saw the world in their time.

  Village Demonstrations vary each day, and may include archery, blacksmithing, textile production, animal care, artwork, gardening, hearth cooking, shoemaking, spinning, weaving, clothing design, and other household skills.  Presentations provide an in-depth focus on these village activities with the opportunity to interact with knowledgeable villagers, who portray medieval people, discussing their work, their life in the 14th century, and perhaps some village gossip. The Gate Shop is open, and the Bors Hede serves hot hearth-cooked meals Noon to 3:00 PM (reservations, please, for groups of 7 or more).  Come and visit our period-built cottage, blacksmith forge & carpenter yard.  For seasonal Festivals and Banquets see: our complete Calendar.


Villager presentations at Camlann are chosen to feature the kind of hand-made goods that were produced in the middle ages.  Preference is given to artisans who can demonstrate the use of medieval tools and techniques.  Click below to see more about our  individual interpreters.




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