June,  2020   Cancelled for this season

5:00 to 7:00 PM

In connection with our Midsomer Festival



Our second annual Midsomer Banquets, held in the Bors Hede undercroft, 

will begin at 5:00 pm as the faire closes.

  No cameras, cell phones, please.



Feast seating is by Advance Reservations; (includes free admission to the festival)

  Tickets, $50.00 per guest for all seats, will be sent to you by mail; Sales are not refundable.

 Seating is limited to 40 guests per feast; reservations are taken in the order of postmark  



  The meal includes 12 dishes brought forth in two courses, announced with trumpet fanfares

 and featuring courtly minstrels with songs and stories accompanied by the lute.



Le Menu


Cours i

TRENCHER BREAD  (to eat & to eat upon)

CHYCHES (chickpeas roasted)

A SOMER SALAT (herbs, greens & flowers)

JOWTES OF ALMOND MILK  (sweet almond worts)

MYLATES OF PORK  (a pork & cheese tart)

STEKYS OF BEF (cinnamon-pepper steaks)

ERBOLE  (plum & wine pudding )

TABLE WINE - MUSTE (spiced juice)


Cours ii

BLACK PORRAY  (saut´┐Żed leeks & bacon)

EOWTES OF FLESSH  (potherbs cooked in broth)

BRUET OF SARCYNESSE (sweet beef ragout)

BLAUNCH PORRE (sweet leeks & quail)

AQUAPATYS (boiled cloves of garlic)

STRAWBERYE  (a berry and almond pudding)