May 4 &5, 2024

Noon to 5:00 P.M.

  Maypole dancing, crafts, mynstrels and our May Feast.


Festival Admission: 

Cash or check, please

 Adults                      $15

  60 yrs & over          $10

  6-12 yrs                   $10

    5 yrs & under          free

  Feast &Festival        $60

Children 12 & under must be with an adult.

No pets/radios/flash/videos please 

  Mayday, 'somour games', was a popular holiday in the middle ages, a celebration of Sumer is i-cumen in. Bringyng in the May was the traditional form of this celebration.  Young folk and others would venture into the woods before daybreak, or the night before, to gather wild flowers, greenery, and hawthorn boughs. Sometimes the young men would carry back a tree trunk, stripped of branches, to be redecorated with flowers and long ribbons.  Many towns had a year-round Maypole in their village square around which villagers would enjoy dancing, games, contests, choosing a May Queen, and feasting.

   Come join us in our 22nd annual festival of merriment, feasting and the beauty of Spring in the countryside.  Medieval clothing is encouraged, but optional.  Greens, yellows and a chaplet for your hair are preferred on this occasion.  Clothing rentals are postphoned for COVID safety.

  Shops & Booths  will open at noon.   Crafters will demonstrate garland weaving, textiles, blacksmithing, basketmaking, leatherworking and pottery.

 .  May festivities begin at Noon. Come and enjoy longbow archery demonstrations and village dancing.  Enjoy the harmonious medieval music of Mynstrels and the sleight of hand of Paynes Natural Magykes.

  Maypole festivities begin at 3:30 pm.  We will gather round the great pole, decked with flowers, streamers and greens, for the choosing of the Queen of the May and the dancing of a colorful and traditional maypole ceremony.

. The Bors Hede will serve lunch from noon to 3:00 pm (reservations not required, except for groups of 7or more)

For more sumptuous dining, sign up for the May Banquet !!