Festival Help 

Weekends: July, August, September   Part time  @ $13.00 / hour: Kitchen / Vehicle Parking

Executive Assistant / Foodways Manager  Position opens: October 1st, 2019

Compensation:  $46,800 annual to start, ($1,400 /mo. value on-site housing & utilities, $2500/mo. payroll). 

Camlann Medieval Association is seeking a career minded, motivated staff person to assist our Executive Director on program management and development. 

Position Requirements:  Our ideal candidate has:

     A passion for preparing dinners, banquets, historical foods, and  hearth cooking demonstrations.

     A strong interest in medieval culture based upon relevant formal or informal education.

       First person interpretive skills needed to portray a 14th century person’s life experience

Two or more years experience in historical interpretation and program development 

  An appetite for learning, and a readiness for undertaking physical as well as creative jobs

  Excellent interpersonal skills with participants and visitors


Duties & Responsibilities (40-50 hrs week) (includes weekends, some evenings).

  Bors Hede (restaurant) duties include kitchen management, food prep, cooking, cleanup, and hearth demonstrations.

Administrative duties include: office systems: computer skills, volunteer training and coordination, site & animal care (we currently have 2 sheep).

Other Camlann activities you might be interested in:

  Publicity, Fundraising, Research, Writing, Teaching workshops Budgeting, Accounting, Collections

  Textiles, Hand Crafts,  Building Construction, Site Development, Music & the Arts

To Apply:  Call Roger Shell, Executive Director: (425) 788-1945

Send your résumé to:  Camlann: 10320  Kelly Road NE, Carnation,  WA   98014

Camlann hires entertainers with period material,  props, & clothing for festivals

    Last modified July 15th 2020