Camlann hires:  part-time / summer weekends


Call Roger:  425-788-8624.


Camlann hires entertainers with period material,  props, & clothing for festivals:

If  not currently doing medieval performances,

 contact us to discuss possibilities.

Mail us your promo materials, 

or  call 425-788-8624 & leave your address

 to receive a festival application.

   Camlann's goal is to re-create a 14th century village so that visitors can experience a true sense of life in that time and re-discover traditional values worth preserving in times of rapid change.

   Through our interpreter program we seek to encourage an appreciation of the unique quality and usefulness of hand-made goods.

Medieval replica hand crafts only.  Craft booths are staffed by living history volunteer demonstrators and professionals (hired as independent contractors or employees).   

If you are not now handling medieval-style items, but would like to,

contact us to discuss the possibilities. Call 425-788-8624, or write to our address.


Last modified November 26, 2016